Fleekin™ Instant Eyebrow Stamp

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Want the eyebrows on fleek but hate to spend the time and effort? Fleekin™ Instant Eyebrow Stamp can help you to make stylish, professional eyebrow instantly!

It created the natural brows in just a second! The stamp is adjustable to change the arch shape for drawing over 3 styles of brows. It provides 5 colors of smooth powder in different ombre shades to match your skin and hair color for a more natural, flawless brows.

The eyebrow stamp is waterproof and 100% safe on skin, you don't need to worry unpredictable melting of make-up in summer or dating time.


  • On Fleek in A Second
    Create stylish, professional eyebrow in just a second!

  • Ombre Color Combination
    Each set of eyebrow powder has an ombre color combination for a more blended and natural-looking brows

  • Adjustable Angle
    Perfect for creating different styles of eyebrow, for example straight, steep and high arch
  • Easy to Apply, Smooth Powder
    Just put on eyebrow powder to the stamp and stamp it to your eyebrows, looks as natural as no make-up
  • Waterproof
    No worry for unpredictable melting of make-up in summer or dating time

  • Safe on Skin
    The formula is safe on skin as it is alcohol-free and latex-free


  • Material: Taic, Mica, Magnesium Stearate
  • Weight: 28g


  • 1 x Fleekin™ Instant Eyebrow Stamp
  • 1 x Two-tone Eyebrow Kit