Multi-Length Quick Charging Cable

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The Multi-Length Quick Charging Cable is what you need to keep your mobile or electronic devices alive! It has multiple lengths for selection to fit your need. It offers direct quick charging which doubles the efficiency of current input.  

It is made of quality PTE plastic that covers the high-speed cords & advanced chip and provides extra protection to prevent scratches or breaking. It is more durable and safe to use. It supports Android / Apple / Type-C charging port, let's get a fast and convenient cable now!


  • High Speed Charging: It offers high-speed charging which doubles the charging efficiency to feed your phone.

  • Advanced Cords & Chip: There are advanced chip and cords that enhance the stability and speed of the cable. 

  • Anti-Tearing: It is covered by quality TPE plastic that is anti-tearing. The cable is more durable than normal cords.

  • Heat Reduction: It has great heat reduction function which prevents over-heating and protects the battery from burning. 

  • Supports Multiple Devices: There are Android / Apple & Type-C cords with different lengths for selection to fit your needs.


  • Material: Quality TPE
  • Size: 1 / 2 / 3 Meter
  • Color: White


  • 1 x  Multi-Length Quick Charging Cable