Nano Liquid UV Screen Protector

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The Nano Liquid UV Screen Protector is an innovative phone screen protector that safeguards your mobile with the unbreakable technology. The UV glue makes strong adhesion between the cover glass and the screen. It also enhances the strength of the tempered glass to avoid breaking. 

It is easy to use, just add the UV droplets and place the protector according to the position guidelines. The protector is made of high-quality tempered glass with fine and smooth edge. The HD viewing quality with no fingerprints or marks left while in use. Let's experience this amazing tech now!  



  • Easy To Use: The screen protector is easy to use. Just apply the UV droplets and place the screen on top of the phone. Put it under the UV light and you are good to go!

  • Enhance Strength: The UV light enhances the strength of the protective glass and make it become unbreakable and anti-scratch.

  • Fine & Smooth Edge: The screen cover is made with fine and smooth edge which is great for the attachment to the phone.

  • HD Tempered Glass: The screen protector is made with durable tempered glass which is strong and not easy to break providing HD views. 

  • Water Resistant: The protector is water resistant that can prevent rain and water splashes.

  • Material: NANO Liquid
  • Models: Iphone 7-11


  • 1 x  Nano Liquid UV Screen Protector